About us

The history of the creation of the Koodi food production plant is connected with the urgent need in the Moldovan market for natural products that do not depend on flavorings or preservatives.

The Koodi factory specializes in the production of canned and sterilized products.

The methodology of our company in the production of high quality, food products depends on the following factors:

- Obtaining the best raw materials and storing them in the best conditions.

- Monitoring production processes and ensuring good control by hiring highly qualified people in the food industry.

- Developing each product by conducting laboratory experiments and research and maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.

Our vision:

We strive to be pioneers in the field of canned food in Moldova and European countries, striving for excellence, exclusivity and continuous development.

Our messages:

Our mission is to expand, open new markets and new horizons; With the aim of developing and developing the canning industry with the great experience and necessary resources that we possess, in addition to our commitment to quality standards, excellent service and attention to innovation.